Retail Systems Inc Point of Sale Repair Services

Retail Systems Inc can repair a wide variety of pos systems and pos printers. Customers can bring in their damaged equipment to our Columbia office or have a Retail Systems Inc technician visit your store to perform repairs. Customers can also mail their damaged equipment to be repaired by our Columbia office technicians.  You can submit a ticket here to get started or call 1-800-849-5642

On site service

Retail System's Inc dispatches highly trained technicians that work for Retail Systems Inc and not a third party company. Our service team is split into groups of teams that are experts in their field. The grocery department deals only in a grocery store environment and are highly trained in NCR hardware repair. The grocery department team members are also masters of networking and back office trouble shooting. The hospitality team tackles restaurants, fast food chains, pubs, cafes and all things hospitality. They can adapt to any situation and are capable of fixing a wide range of point of sale systems. They too, much like the Grocery team are experts on networking and back office trouble shooting. When your system is down you can always count on a RSI Tech to bring it back up efficiently, professionally and most important, quickly.    


Technicians on site not only represent Retail Systems Inc but they also represent your business while on that. That's why all RSI techs conduct themselves professionally in work as well as appearance. All RSI techs wear ID badges so you know who is working on your equipment and know they will get the job done correctly. 

Locked and Loaded

In the service departments we have an old saying: "Go loaded for bear." This means our technicians are prepared. When we get a call about a broken printer we bring a printer, printer cable, extra paper and a cash register with us. Service vehicles are loaded with extra parts and tools to see that the job gets done.