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Providing point of sale solutions for restaurants, grocery stores and every other type of business that uses point of sale systems.


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all in one point of sale service provider

We don’t stop at providing customers with the best in point of sale technology. We go beyond selling the best hardware and also provide you with installation and training of your new system. That’s not all, we can also cover your equipment with 24/7 software and hardware support. Not many other companies out there can provide you with these services but at Retail Systems Inc it is our standard to provide you with all the service and support you need. We have been doing it for over 40 years and we do it well.


pos systems

Systems tailor fitted to suit your businesses needs. We house a large inventory of touch screen systems, printers, servers and much more. We also provide grocery point of sale systems and self checkout stations. Talk to a Retail Systems sales agent to learn more.


emv devices

Need chip card reading pin pads? We can help. We sale and install a wide range of EMV devices. Contact us today to learn more about our EMV devices or click here to learn more. You can also call us anytime at 1-800-849-5642.

Point of sale systems for every business type

Providing a Point of Sale solution for any type of business is tough work, but at Retail Systems inc.,  it’s what we do best!  For over 40 years, RSI’s commitment to the growing and fast changing worlds of Retail, Hospitality and Security has allowed us to partner with multiple POS and Security providers, making it possible to have a solution for every business models needs.  Need a POS solution for your local Grocery store?  We can help....  Have a Bakery you plan to open?  We have a solution for you there as well!   Under the impression your inventory seems to be mysteriously disappearing without a noticeable change in your bottom line?  Maybe it is time for a Surveillance system to monitor your business while you are there onsite or away on vacation.   


hospitality systems

Touch screen systems designed for restaurants, bars, cafes and anyplace that sales food to customers. We have a large catalog of systems that are tailor fitted just for you.


grocery Systems

Powerful grocery terminals get customers through lines quickly. We also install and service NCR self checkout stations. We also provide calibration services on scanner scales in select areas.


security systems

Secure your business with our reliable industry leading security systems. We can install up to 50 plus cameras in one location. Access your DVR from anywhere with your smart phone.

24/7 Support on Retail Systems Inc Point Of Sale systems.

Support on all of our systems when you need it and local technicians on stand by to get you back up and running. Our technicians are experienced in providing the fastest solutions to any problems you are having with your system.


RSI Rescue

Retail Systems Inc provides a secure connection to your system to make any critical system changes or to help you with a question you might have about your point of sale system. RSI Rescue is a power tool for RSI customers.


Phone support

Speak with a knowledgeable RSI support agent to address and solve any issues you are having with your point of sale system. Support agents are here to help whenever you need it.


on site service

Technicians are dispatched with the tools are parts needed to make repairs on damaged point of sale equipment. Our technicians are professional and experienced so your issues are resolved quickly.

Point Of Sale Software

With the many different needs of each retail environment we offer customers a large selection of point of sale software.


pos software customized for your business

Our POS software is made with you in mind. Made to make day to day operations and easy and efficient. When you purchase software from Retail Systems Inc we install and train you on how to use your new POS software so you’re ready when business opens and with our 24/7 support for RSI customers all your questions are answered by our knowledgeable software agents.


Mobile apps

Apps designed to keep repeat business with customers and features like scan to pay, skip the line and rewards. Talk to your Retail Systems Inc sales agent to learn more about mobile apps.


System Financing

Retail Systems Inc provides easy system financing so you can get the system you need without breaking the bank. Our financing can cover entire systems, software and support. Talk to your Retail Systems Inc sales agent to learn more about our financing options or fill out the form below.


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