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With an over evolving point of sale market you need a company that can specialize in many aspects of POS technology. Retail Systems Inc offers several professional point of sale services that help our customers run their business effectively and efficiently.


Point of sale software & hardware

Our hardware and software has been used across the country in several different retail environments such as Bars, cafes, restaurants, cigar shops, grocery stores and many more.

We utilize systems that create a smooth work flow that creates more sales volume for your business.

Our point of sale software is tailor fitted to your business with several customization options that create an effortless yet sophisticated interface.

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Learn more about our point of sale software.

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installation and training

Trained point of sale specialists are ready to professionally install your new system giving you the peace of mind that your system will be up and running when you're ready to open your business.

Get trained by professionals on your new point of sales system. Our staff at Retail Systems Inc know every aspect of our point of sale software and will be by your side on opening day to help you have a smooth transition into your new system.

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on site and phone support

telephone and on site support.

Get 24/7 support on your point of sale system with Retail Systems Inc. Our technicians are ready to help you over the phone or in person.

Professional on site technicians come prepared with the right parts and tools the first time to reduce call-backs. 

Phone support technicians dial in and repair software or network issues and get you back to running your business.