NCR RealScan 78 Hybrid Scanner/Scale

The RealScan™ 78 High Performance Bi-Optic Scanner/Scale leads the way with superior performance, reliability, and investment protection.

This scanner features NCR’s Optical Effects Technology (OFX) in a cutting-edge design that drives more scan lines at greater lengths and angles to dramatically improve laser performance. The resulting dense pattern of scan lines captures and reads even difficult barcodes, including those that are small and truncated. This extensive scan coverage and higher-performance read rate provide an overall productivity boost for all users – novice to experienced cashiers as well as self-checkout customers.

The RealScan 78 is also the world’s first hybrid imaging and laser bi-optic scanner.   This innovative technology provides a single interaction point to scan 2D bar codes and mobile devices, as well as traditional bar codes on product labels.  Hybrid imaging is the best of both worlds, delivering the speed of traditional laser coupled with imaging to go after hard to read bar codes, cell phones and 2D symbologies.