What point of sale system is right for my company?

Selecting a point of sale system that will best fit your business can be a challenge. Especially with the ever growing and ever evolving current generation point of sale systems out on the market today. Will your new system be supported in 10 years? What hardware specifications should I look for in my point of sale systems?Retail systems Inc answers these questions with time tested hardware and a deep knowledge in the point of sale industry. If you're a new company or a current company looking to upgrade you have just found the best guide to get you started.

Back Office and Servers

Back office computers are the brains of the operation. They manage and control your cash registers. When selecting a back office (or as we like to call them BOCS) you will want to pay attention to the BOCS hardware. You will not want outdated hardware or small storage capacity hard drives as like I said before, your back office runs your entire operation. Retail Systems Inc offers powerful back office computers that excel in their purpose of being dependable, powerful and affordable. You can learn more about Retail Systems Back office computers by visiting this link

POS Terminals

Like with the Back office computers you will need to pay attention to the systems hardware, internal and external. You wont need much storage on these other than the amount needed for the operating system and enough for a couple as files. Processors should be fast enough to handle a busy flow and RAM speeds the same. Look for durable touch screens as they will take a lot of abuse when things get busy. Current systems have flat, level screens with no nooks so food or liquid doesn't find its way inside your system. Most importantly look for a system with good air flow. Ventilation is very important. If the system can't cool off it will stop working. Not good on a busy Friday night. Retail Systems Inc offers high quality systems that meet and exceed these standards. You can find them at the links below.

POS Software

Retail Systems offers a wide variety in its Restaurant POS systems and offers one on one training with a certified specialist. The RSI team makes sure you feel comfortable behind the wheel of your new system and even provides 24/7 support so they are there when you need them the most. 

POS Printers

Your printers need to be durable and able to work in warm environments. Thermal printers don't use ink but thermal paper and print at high speeds. These types of printers work best outside the kitchen away from heat. Impact printers work best inside a kitchen as they can survive hotter temperatures. Impact printers use ink ribbons that are also sold by Retail Systems. You can also order receipt paper too!

For more information or to get started on getting the best point of sale system for your business you can call Retail Systems at 1-800-849-5642 or visit them at their many locations. You can find the closest location by visiting this link