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Retail Systems Inc and Zapper


Retail Systems Inc has teamed up with zapper to bring our customers closer to their customers.

Zapper's light-touch solution fits seamlessly into your existing POS system. A Zapper QR code gets added to your paper bill. Your customers can then ScanPay and Go!

Both you and your customer get notified instantly of payment success and they are free to leave.

If required, Zapper can allow customers to leave a tip for service. There is also a handy feature to make splitting the bill quick and simple.

Learn more at or contact us to get zapper installed at your business. 

Zapper Scan. Pay. Go! makes paying your restaurant bill quick and convenient. We give restaurants QR codes to place on their bills, and their customers just scan and zap with their smartphone. Pay the seamless way in any restaurant supporting Zapper Scan. Pay. Go! Visit

Zapper is an app that restaurants and diners employ to speed up the check-paying process. When the customer asks for the check, it's printed off with a QR code at the bottom. The customer can then scan the QR code through Zapper and pay immediately.