Point Yourself In The Right Direction

SoftPoint was designed to centralize all of your business activities. Whether that is for the management of an outlet, the operations of the business or for the interaction and services offered to your clients. SoftPoint's suite of solutions and services gives businesses of all sorts the ability to conquer their point of sale needs. 

Currently, customers are looking for the fastest and easiest way to receive the best service a restaurant, retail store or hotel can provide. They are booking reservations and placing orders on-the-go, as well as using their mobile devices to make transactions. Consequently, businesses with versatile and adaptable technologies are bound for success using today’s technology. Businesses need to be able to meet the fast paced demands of customers quickly and efficiently, while allowing them to manage staff and operations remotely, without any need of being present. 

For these reasons, it is critical to have a complete and integrated system, combined with a trusted partner that is committed to assist your business in a time of need. From improving and optimizing your customer’s experience, to effectively and efficiently providing your staff with the technology needed to exceed your customer’s expectations, a business needs a partner that will be able to take advantage of today’s resources and turn them into profitability. Welcome to SoftPoint.

Get to Know SoftPoint

SoftPoint helps take your business from Point A to Point B by providing all of the tools you need to run your business from one comprehensive environment.

SoftPoint helps eliminate manual processes and all of the disconnected systems used today. Whether you’re in the Food & Beverage, Hotel, or Retail industry, SoftPoint has all of the tools to keep your business running smoothly.

All in One Environment

SoftPoint understands the importance of making a uniform based technology that could be used for other common uses where you have access to all of your pages and projects.

SoftPoint’s cloud environment unifies all of your processes into one single platform where you can access your entire front of the house and back of the house operations. This will free up your time to more effectively manage your business and stay better informed about your clients and their trends.

Make it Simple

It was SoftPoint’s goal from the beginning to create products that are intuitive and simple. SoftPoint understands the importance of making a uniform based technology that could be used for other common uses where you have access to all of your pages and projects.

With SoftPoint's simple and easy-to-use interfaces, navigating through your products and creating analytical reports now become effortless.

Know Your Customers

SoftPoint can provide you with the tools and resources to truly understand and know your consumers. With SoftPoint’s tools, you can control reservations and promotions from one centralized location.

SoftPoint uses a distributed customer management system that will track clients seamlessly. Once they connect to your business you will have the ability to socially and commercially work with consumers directly. Promoting your business will be stress-free through SoftPoint’s various consumer applications.

Go Mobile

Let's face it, they're everywhere and they will soon replace computers as we know it. Mobile devices that take orders and fulfill other needs have been available for quite some time, but not without a cost. SoftPoint has now made it possible for users and their staff to use their own device to connect their location, allowing users to offer mobile services to their clients.

SoftPoint has also redesigned the menu to have it automated which will allow you to display promotions, daily features and update prices instantaneously- all without having to reprint a menu.

Ease of Learning with LearnTube

Most products install their software, train you, leave you to fend for yourself and offer you limited support. We know the challenges of changing your systems. We understand that you’re only as good as your best user.

Because of this SoftPoint created LearnTube. LearnTube is a software training tool focused in the food & beverage, hospitality, retail and more industry specific technology. SoftPoint’s training tutorial video libraries with online courses help managers ensure their employees are retaining the knowledge of the software used throughout the work place properly.