If making a new SDR you must let the tech on call know as well. You can do this via text or phone call but the on call tech needs to be notified of the call. Do not schedule or promise dates to the customer. If you cannot help but promise a time you must let the tech or service manager know via text or phone call. This is only for weekends or after hours. Weekdays during business hours you simply need to submit a SDR. If the call is critical you will need to submit a SDR and let the service manager know.

  1. Log call on SDR so the service manager has a record of call.

  2. (weekends or after hours only) Notify on call technician or after hours tech.

Service Department

Welcome to the service department! To send a new service request please use the "Click here to submit a new request" button. You can also view the service log to check the status of a call. Click returns to see a list of equipment that was sent to a customer.

Your Contact Phone
Your Contact Phone
In case the service manager needs to contact you. Not required but helpful.
Customer Information
Customer Contact Number *
Customer Contact Number
Address and State are helpful.
Service Information
Please detail the issues at this location. You can also use this box for specific requests such as - "Would like printer mailed to store."
If a ticket is created in eauto for this call please provide the ticket number here.