rsi positouch

 POSitouch was designed by restaurant operators for restaurant operators. The POSitouch Quick Service software is a comprehensive point-of-sale software solution designed to help QSRs provide faster service, increase customer counts and reduce labor costs – which all add up to a better bottom line. It is a scalable solution that includes corporate as well as store-level needs.


The color touch screen application allows easier training and menu flow. The optional split screen or separate display allows you to work quicker on multiple orders.  Complete order routing and duplications for various prep areas helps you to fulfill your customer’s orders more efficiently.  


Other Features include: 

Integrated color kitchen video displays.

Options for sending to displays include, real time "on the fly", one-touch delay, one-item delay and upon order confirmation.

Prioritized display for both main items and modifiers, regardless of how the item was entered at the touch screen.

Bump orders by either bump bar or touch screen.

Support for single or dual drive-through lanes.

Order recall and parking for orders not ready.

Banks and skims for cash accountability and alerts.


The POSitouch Quick Service software also offers integrated modules including: 

Reporting Module - Offers a host of standard reports as well as the ability to produce custom reports and access third-party software. 

Inventory Module - Provides controls for item movement to track contribution to margin and overall profitability of items sold. 

Credit Card Authorization - An all-in-one solution for POS data and credit authorization. 

Labor Management - Offers time and attendance for payroll as well as scheduling. 

Customer Data Base - Can be used for house charges, customer profiling and frequent dining programs