Dinerware restaurant POS software was created to help bars and restaurants run smoothly – from the restaurateur’s point of view. Our vision is to make hospitality POS radically easier to use and more reliable, while constantly innovating and supporting an open platform for integration.

Dinerware’s intuitive user interface lets you spend less time in front of a computer screen and more time with your guests, and our solid technological platform ensures high reliability you can count on. Dinerware is highly flexible and accommodates many types of service environments. For example, fine dining restaurants have different needs than bars or cafes. Whatever the type of establishment, Dinerware helps staff and managers complete tasks efficiently in the way that works best for them—and their business.

A Dinerware POS Software Demo for a quick service establishment.


Virginia Inn

Elizabeth Kenny, manager of the Virginia Inn, recommends Dinerware POS.

Queen City Grill

Robert Eickhof, Queen City Grill owner, recommends Dinerware POS.

Little T American Baker

Tim Healea, owner of Little T American Baker, recommends Dinerware POS.

See Sound Lounge

Kristi Anderson, See Sound Lounge co-owner, recommends Dinerware POS.

Ease of use – Spend less time training

With a free trial of Dinerware, our quick-start guides, or even short instructional videos, you can see for yourself how simple the software is to learn and use.

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Flexible – Make changes to your menu and prices in seconds

Easily add or hide menu items, add quantities to specialty items to update your Fresh Sheet, make price adjustments, or change drinks and appetizers to a happy hour menu in a few fast touches-No need to depend on technical support!

Morning rush.

Your front door is next to the bus stop, and neighborhood foot traffic is at its peak. Your customers know what they want and they are always in a hurry, and your business demands fast service with minimal training time.

Dinerware fits the bill to keep your business moving fast, and keep it moving smoothly without lags or downtime during busy shifts. Dinerware is extremely reliable, easy to learn, and easy to use, so staff spends less time in front of the screen and more time with guests. You can use any workstation to access all manager functions, so you can oversee everything that happens in your business while you access menu items, reports, shifts and more. 


Dinerware offers features designed for counter service businesses like yours to keep lines moving fast and keep your customers satisfied:

Keep business moving with two-touch Fast Pay

Change your menu as often as you like

Access instant reports for all aspects of your business

Intuitive interface lets you spend less time training

Dinerware POS supports Kitchen Display Systems

Your POS system is Mobile!

As you turn the corner to park your truck and get set up at the day’s site, you can already see them. Your customers have read all the buzz and are already lined up, waiting to try your signature dish. You will have only one chance to impress your fans.

Dinerware’s mobile POS solution gives you the freedom to roam while packing all the performance of the in-store system into a small, space-saving footprint. When things are busy and normal employee functions get shoved to the back burner, there’s no need to panic - you can easily manage employee time and attendance in just a few touches. The Fresh Sheet lets you track in real time how many daily specials are still available to help keep your customers’ order process running smoothly. Windows tablet technology stands up to the physical challenges of a mobile kitchen and its SQL platform ensures system reliability.

Untitled design (2).png

Dinerware’s tablet POS solution offers additional features to help keep business moving and keep your customers happy.

Keep business moving quickly - pay in just two taps with FastPay!

Make line busting a reality with Windows tablets

No need to go inside – Run integrated credit card payments right on the tablet

Robust reporting features let you easily track all aspects of your business

Easy interface. Spend your time cooking and serving customers, not figuring out how to use the system