ACS - Advanced Checkout Solution

Designed for high-volume checkout environments

NCR Advanced Checkout Solution (ACS) offers a pos software package that maximizes customer throughput, while increasing productivity level of all store associates, lowering operational costs and extending promotional pricing capability. NCR ACS pos software allows you to differentiate your stores from all competitors and provide a pleasant, yet exciting, shopping experience.

Provides maximum checkout speed

Its intuitive interface allows cashiers to operate according to the way they think. The result is reduced training and calls for assistance, increased cashier confidence and productivity.

NCR ACS web-enabled Customer

Information Display (WebCID) allows your customers to easily view their transaction information, including scrolling receipt, running total and tax, and scale weight, reducing checkout interruptions. Remote authorization allows store managers to approve checkout exceptions from anywhere in the store via a wireless handheld device. The manager saves time, and more importantly, the customer spends less time at the checkout.

Enhances your ability to retain customers

NCR ACS Consumer Marketing can be used to implement powerful pricing, promotion and loyalty programs to attract and retain your best customers. Offering an almost endless number of condition and reward combinations, your customer promotions are limited only by your imagination.

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